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Welcome to the Britain in Print Learning Zone

A central objective of the Britain in Print project is to identify ways of utilising the wealth of printed material that exists within the collections of the partner libraries, to the benefit of as wide an audience as possible.

To demonstrate one method of achieving this goal, we have developed a pilot project which draws on primary resources held within the CURL libraries and uses them as support tools for school students, within the context of the National Curriculum. The pilot is being run in conjunction with Queen Anne High School, in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland and is designed to enhance the learning experience of students studying for their Higher English exam.

This was the first of three projects to be delivered through Britain in Print and is based around a 15th century Scots poem, The Testament of Cresseid by Robert Henryson, himself born in Dunfermline around 1425.

This section includes a number of resources to assist with the study of the Testament of Cresseid, including :

The Testament of Cresseid - the full text of the poem, with supporting glossary and explanatory notes
Questions – Multiple Choice questions to assess your understanding of the poem.
Study Tools – Contextual information about the poem and the poet
Summary – a synopsis of the poem
Notes – Explanatory notes
ToC AV – an audio visual guide to the Testament of Cresseid, including images taken from the 1593 edition held in the British Library and an audio recording of the full poem.
Teaching Notes – supporting notes for teachers