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The Testament of Cresseid - Image courtesy of Abbot House
Section 1 :: Stanzas 01 - 10
Section 2 :: Stanzas 11 - 20
Section 3 :: Stanzas 21 - 38
Section 4 :: Stanzas 39 - 49
Section 5 :: Stanzas 50 - 58
Section 6 :: Stanzas 59 - 66
Section 7 :: Stanzas 66 - 76
Section 8 :: Stanzas 77 - 86
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S 77 

 Thy lufe, thy lawtie, and thy gentilnes,fidelity; gentility
 I countit small in my prosperitie.
 Sa eleuait I was in wantones,elevated/enmeshed
550And clam vpon the fickill quheill sa hie,climbed; wheel so high
 All faith and Lufe I promissit to the.
 Was in the self fickill and friuolous:selfish
 O fals Cresseid, and trew knicht Troilus.

S 78 

 For lufe, of me thow keipt continence.remained faithful
555Honest and chaist in conuersatioun.
 Of all Wemen protectour and defence
 Thou was, and helpit thair opinioun.reputation
 My mynd in fleschelie foull affectioun
 Was Inclynit to Lustis Lecherous:

S 79 

560Fy fals Cresseid, o trew knicht Troylus,
 Quhome that ze lufe,for quhome ze suffer paine.
 I lat zow wit, thair is richt few thairout:let; know; out there
 Quhome ze may traist to haue trew lufe agane:
565Preif quhen ze will, zour labour is in vaine.Test
 Thairfoir, I reid, ze tak thame as ze find:advise
 For thay ar sad as Widdercok in Wind,a weathercock

S 80 

 Becaus I knaw the greit vnstabilnesinstability
 Brukkil as glas, into my self I say.Brittle
570Traisting in vther als greit vnfaitfulnes:as
 Als vnconstant, and als vntrew of fay.As; faith
 Thocht sum be trew, I wait richt few ar thay,Although some; know
 Quha findis treuth lat him his lady ruse:praise
 Nane but my self, as now I will accuse.from now on

S 81 

575Quhen this was said, with Paper scho sat doun,  (n)
 And on this maneir maid hir Testament.will
 Heir I beteiche my Corps and Cariounbequeath/commit; body; corpse
 With Wormis and with Taidis to be rent.toads; torn
 My Cop and Clapper, and myne Ornamentjewelry
580And all my gold the Lipper folk sall haue:
 Quhen I am deid, to burie me in graue.

S 82 

 This Royall Ring, set with this Rubie reid,
 Quhilk Troylus in drowrie to me send.as a love token
 To him agane I leif it quhen I am deid,
585To mak my cairfull deid wnto him kend:unhappy death; known
 Thus I conclude schortlie and mak ane end,briefly
 My Spreit I leif to Diane quhair scho dwellis.spirit/soul  (n)
 To walk with hir in waist Woddis and Wellis,wild woods and streams

S 83 

 O Diomeid thou hes baith Broche and Belt,broach
590Quhilk Troylus gaue me in takningas tokens
 Of his trew lufe, and with that word scho swelt.died
 And sone ane Lipper man tuik of the Ring,
 Syne buryit hir withouttin tarying,Then; delaying
 To Troylus furthwith the Ring he bair,carried/bore
595And of Cresseid the deith he can declair.

S 84 

 Quhen he had hard hir greit infirmitie,heard of her serious illness
 Hir Legacie and Lamentatioun.
 And how scho endit in sic pouertie,
 He swelt for wo, and fell doun in ane swoun,fainted
600For greit sorrow his hart to brist was boun:burst; ready
 Siching full sadlie, said I can no moir,I can do no more
 Scho was vntrew, and wo is me thairfoir.

S 85 

 Sum said he maid ane Tomb of Merbell gray.marble
 And wrait hir name and superscriptioun,wrote her; epitaph/inscription
605And laid it on hir graue quhair that scho lay,
 In goldin Letteris, conteining this ressoun:statement
 Lo, fair Ladyis, Cresseid, of Troyis Youn,
 Sumtyme countit the flour of Womanheid,
 Under this stane, lait Lipper, lyis deid.formerly a leper

S 86 

610Now worthie Wemen in this Ballet schort,brief peom
 Maid for zour worschip and Instructioun,
 Of Cheritie, i monische and exhort,admonish/urge
 Ming not zour lufe with fals deceptioun.Mix
 Beir in zour mynd this schort conclusioun
615Of fair ccresseid, as I haue said befoir,
 Sen scho is deid, I speik of hir no moir.Since

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