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The Testament of Cresseid - Image courtesy of Abbot House
Section 1 :: Stanzas 01 - 10
Section 2 :: Stanzas 11 - 20
Section 3 :: Stanzas 21 - 38
Section 4 :: Stanzas 39 - 49
Section 5 :: Stanzas 50 - 58
Section 6 :: Stanzas 59 - 66
Section 7 :: Stanzas 66 - 76
Section 8 :: Stanzas 77 - 86
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S 66 

470Thvs chydand with hir drerie destenye,struggling
 Weiping, scho woik the nicht fra end to end.lay awake
 Bot all in vane, hir dule, hir cairfull crysorrow; unhappy
 Micht not remeid, nor zit hir murning mend.be remedied; abate
 Ane Llipper Lady rais and till hir wend,leper; rose; went
475And said: quhy spurnis thow aganis the Wall,kick
 To sla thy self, and mend nathing at all?

S 67 

 Sen thy weiping dowbillis bot thy wo.Since; only doubles
 I counsall the mak vertew of ane neid.necessity
 To leir to clap thy Clapper to and fro,learn
480And leir efter the Law of Lipper Leid.live; leper folk
 Thair was na buit, bot furth with thame scho zeid,option/alternative; went
 Fra place to place, quhill cauld and hounger sair:until cold; extreme  (n)
 Compellit hir to be ane rank beggair.utter/loathsome

S 68 

 That samin tyme of Troy the Garnisoun,garrison
485Quhilk had to Chiftane Worthie Troylus.as chieftain/commander
 Throw Ieopardie of Weir had strikken dounhazard of war
 Knichtis of Grece in number meruellons,
 With greit tryumphe and Laude victoriouspraise
 Agane to Troy richt richt Royallie thay raidrode;
490The way quhair Cresseid with the Lipper baid.lived with the lepers

S 69 

 Seing that companie yai come all with ane steuinone voice
 Thay gaif ane cry, and schuik coppis gude speid.shook [their] cups energetically
 Said worthie Lordis, for goddis lufe of Heuin,
 To vs Lipper part of zour Almous deid.alms give
495Than to thair cry Nobill Troylus tuik heid,
 Hauing pietie, neir by the place can pas:passed
 Quhair Cresseid sat, not witting quhat scho was.knowing/realising

S 70 

 Than vpon him scho kest vp baith hir Ene,eyes
 And with ane blenk it come into his thocht,glance
500That he sumtime hir face befoir had sene.
 Bot scho was in sic plye he knew hir nocht,plight;
 Zit than hir luik into his mynd it brochtvisage
 The sweit visage and amorous blenkingglancing
 Of fair Cresseid sumtyme his awin darling.own

S 71 

505Na wonder was, suppois in mynd that heIt was no wonder that  (n)
 Tuik hir figure sa sone, and lo now quhy.Had an image of
 The idole of ane thing, in cace may beimage; in certain cases
 a deip imprentit in the fantasy:impressed; imagaination
 That it deludis the wittis outwardly,
510And sa appeiris in forme and lyke estait,similar condition
 Within the mynd as it was figurait.remembered

S 72 

 Ane spark of lufe than till his hart culd spring,
 And kendlit all his bodie in ane fyre.kindled
 With hait fewir ane sweit and trimblinghot fever; sweat and trembling
515Him tuik, quhill he was reddie to expyre.until; collapse
 To beir his Scheild, his Breist began to tyrebecame too weak
 Within ane quhyle he changit mony hew,moment; colour
 And neuertheles not ane ane vther knewneither knew the other

S 73 

 For Knichtlie pietie and memoriallin memory
520Of fair Cresseid, ane Gyrdill can he tak.belt
 Ane Purs of gold, and mony gay Iowall,many a bright jewel
 And in the Skirt of Cresseid doun can swak:fling
 Than raid away, and not ane word spak.rode
 Pensiwe in hart, quhill he come to the Toun,until
525And for greit cair oft syis almaist fell doun.often

S 74 

 The Lipper folk to Cresseid than can draw,that drew near
 To se the equall distributiounoversee
 Of the Almous, bot quhen the gold thay saw.alms
 Ilk ane to vther prewelie can roun,Each; secretly whispered
530And said zone Lord hes mair affectioun
 How euer it be, vnto zone Lazarous,that leper
 Than to vs all, we knaw be his Almous.

S 75 

 Quhat Lord is zone (quod scho) haue ze na feillknowledge/idea
 Hes done to vs so greit humanitie?an act of charity
535Zes (quod a lipper man) I knaw him weill.
 Schir Troylus it is, gentill and fre:noble and generous
 Quhen Cresseid vnderstude that it was he,
 Stiffer than steill, thair stert ane bitter stoundsteel; pain
 Throwout hir hart, and fell doun to the ground.

S 76 

540Quhen scho ouircome, with siching sair & sad,recovered; sighing sore
 With mony cairfull cry and cald ochane.restrained cry of grief (from Gaelic)
 Now is my breist with stormie stoundis stad,pains beset
 Wrappit in wo, ane wretch full will of wane.hopeless
 Than swounit scho oft or scho culd refrane,stop/control herself
545And euer in hir swouning cryit scho thus:
 O fals Cresseid and trew knicht Troylus.

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