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The Testament of Cresseid - Image courtesy of Abbot House
Section 1 :: Stanzas 01 - 10
Section 2 :: Stanzas 11 - 20
Section 3 :: Stanzas 21 - 38
Section 4 :: Stanzas 39 - 49
Section 5 :: Stanzas 50 - 58
Section 6 :: Stanzas 59 - 66
Section 7 :: Stanzas 66 - 76
Section 8 :: Stanzas 77 - 86
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S 59 

 O Sop of sorrow, sonkin into cair:sunken  (n)
 O Catiue Cresseid, for now and euer mair,wretched
 Gane is thy Ioy and all thy mirth in Eird,on earth
410Of all blyithnes now art thow blaiknit bair.happiness; deprived completely
 Thair is na Salue may saif the of thy sair,no cure/medicine; suffering
 Fell is thy fortoun, wickit is thy weird:Cruel; wiched; fate
 Thy blys is baneist, and thy baill on breird,joy is banished; woe growing
 Vnder the Eirth, God gif i grauin wer:if I buried were
415Quhair nane of Grece nor zit of Troy micht heirdhear/learn of it

S 60 

 Quhair is thy Chalmer wantounlie besene?chamber luxuriously furnished;  (n)
 With burely bed and bankouris browderit bene,broad; embroidered seat covers
 Spycis and Wyne to thy Collatioun,light meal
 The Cowpis all of gold and siluer schene:cups/goblets; shining
420The sweit Meitis, seruit in plaittis clene,sweet meats
 With Saipheron sals of ane gude sessoun:saffron sauce
 Thy gay garmentis with mony gudely Goun,lovely/handsome
 Thy plesand Lawn pinnit with goldin prene:lovely linens; pinned; broaches
 All is areir, thy greit Royall Renoun.lost; fame/renown

S 61 

425Quhair is thy garding with thir greissis gay?garden; plants
 And fresche flowris, quhilk the Quene floray:  (n)
 Had paintit plesandly in euerie pane,part (of the garden)/flower bed
 Quhair thou was wont full merilye in May,
 To walk and tak the dew be it was daywhen/as soon as  (n)
430And heir the Merle and Mawis mony ane,hear; blackbird; thrush
 With Ladyis fair in Carrolling to gane.go
 And se the Royall Rinkis in thair array:court
 In garmentis gay garnischit on euerie granedecorated; in every particular;

S 62 

 Thy greit triumphand fame and hie honour
435Quhair thou was callit of Eirdlye wichtis flour.earthly creatures
 All is decayit, thy weird is welterit so.decayed; fate; skewed
 Thy hie estait is turnit in darknes dour.  (n)
 This Lipper Lludge tak for thy burelie Bour.leper lodge; boudoir
 And for thy Bed tak now ane bunche of stro,bundle of straw
440For waillit Wyne, and Meitis thou had tho,choice; then
 Tak mowlit Breid,Peirrie and Ceder sour:moldy; perry; cider;  (n)
 Bot Cop and Clapper, now is all ago.Except for; gone

S 63 

 My cleir voice, and courtlie carrolling,
 Quhair I was wont with Ladyis for to sing.
445Is rawk as Ruik, full hiddeous hoir and hace,raw as a rook's; rough and hoarse
 My plesand port all vtheris precelling:bearing; surpassing;
 Of lustines I was hald maist conding.loveliness; worthy
 Now is deformit the figour of my face,appearance
 To luik on it, na Leid now lyking hes:nobody
450Sowpit in syte, I say with sair siching,Immersed in; sorrow
 Ludgeit amang the Lipper Leid allace.lodged; leper people

S 64 

 O Ladyis fair of Troy and Grece attend,
 My miserie, quhilk nane may comprehend.
 My friuoll Fortoun, my Infelicitie:fickle fortune; unhappiness
455My greit mischeif quhilk na man can amendsin/misfortune
 Be war in tyme approchis neir the end,
 And in zour mynd ane mirrour mak of me:memory
 As I am now, peraduenture that ze
 For all zour micht may cum to that same end,
460Or ellis war, gif ony war may be.worse

S 65 

 Nocht is zour fairnes bot ane faiding flour,
 Nocht is zour famous laud and hie honour.praise
 Bot wind Inflat in vther mennis eiris.ears
 Zour roising reid to rotting sall retour:rosy red complexion; return
465Exempill mak of me in zour Memour,memory
 Quhilk of sic thingis wofull witnes beiris,offers lamentable proof
 All Welth in Eird, away as Wind it weirispasses/fades
 Be war thairfor, approchis neir the hour:
 Fortoun is fikkill, quhen scho beginnis & steirisstirs;

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