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The Testament of Cresseid - Image courtesy of Abbot House
Section 1 :: Stanzas 01 - 10
Section 2 :: Stanzas 11 - 20
Section 3 :: Stanzas 21 - 38
Section 4 :: Stanzas 39 - 49
Section 5 :: Stanzas 50 - 58
Section 6 :: Stanzas 59 - 66
Section 7 :: Stanzas 66 - 76
Section 8 :: Stanzas 77 - 86
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S 21 

 Quhen this was said doun in ane extasietrance
 Rauischit in spreit intill ane dreame scho fellRavished in spirit until into
 And be apperance hard quhair scho did lyAnd thought she heard
 Cupide the king ringand ane siluer bell,ringing
145Quhilk men micht heir fra heuin vnto hell.hear
 At quhais sound befoir Cupide appeiriswhich; in front of
 The seuin Planetis discending fra thair Spheiris.  (n)

S 22 

 Quhilk hes power of all thing generabillover all created things  (n)
 To reull and steir be thair greit Influence,rule; steer
150Wedder and wind, and coursis variabill,variable/changeable movements
 And first of all Saturne gaue his sentencejudgement  (n)
 Quhilk gaue to Cupide litill reuerence,respect
 Bot as ane busteous Churle on his maneirblustering
 Come crabitlie with auster luik and cheir.ill natured; austere; bearing

S 23 

155His face frosnit, his lyre was lyke the Leid,wrinkled; complexion; lead
 His teith chatterit, and cheuerit with the Chin,teeth chattered; shivered
 His Ene drowpit, how sonkin in his heideyes drooped; sunken
 Out of his Nois the Meldrop fast can rin,nose; mucus/snot
 With lippis bla and cheikis leine and thinblue lips; lean
160The Iceschoklis that fra his hair doun hangicicles
 Was wonder greit, and as ane speir als lang.wonderously large

S 24 

 Atouir his belt his lyart lokkis layAround; straked with grey
 Felterit vnfair, ouirfret with froistis hoir,matted/entangled; unlovely; spangled;
 His garmound and his gyis full gay of graygarments; gown
165His widderit weid fra him the wind out woir,tattered clothes; billowed out
 Ane busteous bow within his hand he boirpowerful; bore
 Vnder his girdill ane flasche of felloun flanisbelt; quiver; cruel arrows
 Fedderit with Ice, and heidit with hailstanisFeathered; tipped  (n)

S 25 

 Than Iuppiter richt fair and amiabill,good natured
170God of the Starnis in the firmament,stars
 And Nureis to all thing generabillnurse; growing
 Fra his father Saturne far different,
 With burelie face, and browis bricht and brenthandsome; bright; radiant
 Vpon his heid ane Garland wonder gay
175Of flouris fair as it had bene in May.as if

S 26 

 His voice was cleir, as Cristall wer his Eneeyes
 As goldin wyre sa glitterand was his hair,golden wire so glittering
 His garmound and his gyis full of grenegarment; attire
 With goldin listis gilt on euerie gair,trim; edge
180Ane burelie brand about his middill bairbroad belt
 In his richt hand he had ane groundin speir,sharpened
 Of his father the wraith fra vs to weir.ward off  (n)

S 27 

 Nixt efter him come Mars the God of Ire,wrath  (n)
 Of strife, debait, and all dissensioun,dispute
185To chide and fecht, als feirs as ony fyrefight, as fierce; fire
 In hard harnes, hewmound and habirgeoun,armour, helmet; mail
 And on his hanche ane roustie fell fachioun,hip; rusty cruel falchion  (n)
 And in his hand he had ane roustie swordbloody sword  (n)
 Wrything his face with mony angrie word.Contorting

S 28 

190Schaikand his sword, befoir Cupide he comeShaking
 With reid visage, and grislie glowrand Ene,red face; terrible, glowering eyes
 And at his mouth ane bullar stude of fomebubble; foam
 Lyke to ane Bair quhetting his Tuskis kene,boar whetting; sharp tusks
 Richt Tuilzeour lyke. but temperance in teneaggressive; without; anger
195Ane horne he blew, with mony bosteous bragrough boasts
 Quhilk all this warld with weir hes maid to wagat war; caused to shake

S 29 

 Than fair Phebus, Lanterne & Lamp of licht
 Of man and beist, baith frute and flourisching,bloom
 Tender Nureis, and banischer of nicht,nurse; night
200And of the warld causing be his mouingby
 And Influence, lyfe in all eirdlie thingearthly
 Without comfort of quhome, of force to nochtof necessity
 Must all ga die that in this warld is wrochtbe dead; created

S 30 

 As king Royall he raid vpon his Chairrode; chariot
205The quhilk Phaeton gydit sum tyme vprichtoff course  (n)
 The brichtnes of his face quhen it was bairbare
 Nane micht behald for peirsing of his sicht.piercing
 This goldin Cart with fyrie bemis brichtchariot
 Four zokkit steidis full different of hewyoked; color
210But bait or tyring throw the Spheiris drew.Without pause; weariness

S 31 

 The first was soyr, with Mane als reid as Roissorrel; red as rose
 Callit Eoye into the Orient.east
 The secund steid to Name hecht Ethiossteed; was called
 Quhitlie and paill, and sum deill ascendent,Whitish; somewhat
215The thrid Peros, richt hait and richt feruent,hot
 The feird was blak, callit Philologiefourth
 Quhilk rollis Phebus doun into the sey.sea

S 32 

 Venus was thair present, that Goddes  (n)
 Hir Sonnis querrell for to defend and makquarrel
220Hir awin complaint, cled in ane nyce array,clad; lovely garment
 The ane half grene, the vther half Sabill blak
 Quhyte hair as gold kemmit and sched abak.combed and gathered
 Bot in hir face semit greit variance,appeared great
 Quhyles perfyte treuth, and quhyles Inconstance.Sometimes

S 33 

225Vnder smyling scho was dissimulait,Under cover; false/deceitful
 Prouocatiue, with blenkis Amorous,amarous glances
 And suddanely changit and alterait,altered
 Angrie as ony Serpent vennemous
 Richt pungitiue, with wordis odious.stinging; offensive
230Thus variant scho was, quha list tak keipchangeable; for whoever would notice
 With ane Eye lauch, and with the vther weip.laughing; weeping  (n)

S 34 

 In taikning that all fleschelie ParamourSymbolizing; bodily love
 Quhilk Venus hes in reull and gouernance,
 Is sum tyme sweit, sum tyme bitter and sour
235Richt vnstabill, and full of variance
 Mingit with cairfull Ioy and fals plesance,Mingled; painful; pleasure
 Now hait, now cauld, now blyith, now full of wohot; happy
 Now grene as leif, now widderit and ago.leaf; withered and past

S 35 

 With buik in hand than come Mercurius  (n)
240Richt Eloquent, and full of Rethorie,rhetoric
 With polite termis and deliciouspolished words; delightful
 With pen and Ink to report all reddie
 Setting sangis and singand merilie:Writing songs; singing
 His hude was reid heklit atouir his Crounhood; red fringed above; head or laurel wreath
245Lyke to ane Poeit of the auld fassoun.old fashion

S 36 

 Boxis he bair with fyne Electuairis,Boxes; carried; remedies
 And sugerit Syropis for digestioun.sugared syrups
 Spycis belangand to the Pothecairisbelonging; apothecaries
 With mony hailsum sweit Confectioun,wholesome
250Doctour in Phisick cled in ane Skarlot goun,clad; scarlet
 And furrit weill, as sic ane aucht to be,such a one ought
 Honest and gude, and not ane word culd lie.

S 37 

 Nixt efter him come Lady Cynthia  (n)
 The last of all, and swiftest in hir Spheir,
255Of colour blak, buskit with hornis twa,adorned; two
 And in the nicht scho listis best appeirprefers to
 Haw as the Leid, of colour nathing cleirLivid; lead
 For all hir licht scho borrowis at hir brother
 Titan, for of hir self scho hes nane vther.no other

S 38 

260Hir gyse was gray and full of spottis blak,dress/clothing
 And on hir breist ane Churle paintit full euinpeasant; exactly
 Beirand ane bunche of Thornis on his bak,Bearing
 Quhilk for his thift micht clim na nar the heuin.theft; climb; no nearer
 Thus quhen thay gadderit war thir Goddes seuin
265Mercurius thay cheisit with ane assentchose
 To be foirspeikar in the Parliament.speaker

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