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The Testament of Cresseid - Image courtesy of Abbot House
Section 1 :: Stanzas 01 - 10
Section 2 :: Stanzas 11 - 20
Section 3 :: Stanzas 21 - 38
Section 4 :: Stanzas 39 - 49
Section 5 :: Stanzas 50 - 58
Section 6 :: Stanzas 59 - 66
Section 7 :: Stanzas 66 - 76
Section 8 :: Stanzas 77 - 86
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S 11 

 Quhen Diomeid had all his appetyte,
 And mair fulfillit of this fair Ladie
 Upon ane vther he set his haill delyteanother; whole delight
 And send to hir ane Lybell of repudiebill of divorce  (n)
75And hir excludit fra his companie.
 Than desolait scho walkit vp and doun,
 And sum men sayis, into the Court commoun.promiscuityy/prostitution  (n)

S 12 

 O fair Creisseid the flour and a per seflower; paragon  (n)
 Of Troy and Grece, how was thow fortunait?destined/fated
80To change in filth all thy feminitieinto
 And be with fleschelie lust sa maculaitso defiled  (n)
 And go amang the Greikis air and laitat all times/early and late
 Sa giglotlike takand thy foull plesancewhorishly taking; vile pleasure
 I haue pietie thow suld fall sic mischance.

S 13 

85Zit neuertheles quhat euer men deme or say.judge
 In scornefull langage of thy brukkilnes,fickleness/infidelity
 I sall excuse als far furth as I mayas far as possible
 Thy womanheid, thy wisdome and fairnes
 The quhik fortoun hes put to sic distreswhich
90As hir pleisit, and nathing throw the giltpleased; in no way through the guilt
 Of the, throw wickit langage to be spilt.you; destroyed

S 14 

 This fair Lady, in this wyse destituteway/manner
 Of all comfort, and consolatioun,comfort
 Richt priuelie, but fellowschip on fute,secretly; without company
95Disagysit passit far out of the tounDisguised
 Ane myle or twa, vnto ane Mansiounmansion
 Beildit full gay, quhair hir father Calchaswell built
 Quhilk than amang the Greikis dwelland was.who then; living

S 15 

 Quhen he hir saw, the caus he can Inquyrereason; enquired
100Of hir cumming, scho said siching full soirsighing painfully
 Fra Diomeid had gottin his desyreOnce
 He wox werie, and wald of me no moir.became; wanted
 Quod Calchas, douchter weip thow not thairfoirSaid
 Perauenture all cummis for the best,Perhaps
105Welcum to me, thow art full deir ane Gest.guest

S 16 

 This auld Calchas, efter the Law was thoas the law was then  (n)
 Wes keiper of the Tempill as ane Preist
 In quhilk Venus and hir sone Cupido
 War honourit, and his Chalmer was thame neist,room; next
110To quhilk Cresseid with baill aneuch in breistsorrow enough in heart
 Vsit to pas, hir prayeris for to say
 Quhill at the last, upon ane Solempne day,Until finally; solemn

S 17 

 As custome was, the pepill far and neirpeople
 Befoir the none, vnto the Tempill went,noon
115With Sacrifice deuoit in thair maneir,devout
 Bot still Cresseid, heuie in hir Intentsorrowful in her thoughts
 Into the kirk wald not hir self presentchurch
 For giuing of the pepill ony deming,To avoid giving; knowledge/inkling
 Of hir expuls fra Diomeid the king.expulsion

S 18 

120Bot past into ane secreit Oraturechapel
 Quhair scho micht weip hir wofull desteny,lament
 Behind hir bak scho cloisit fast the dureclosed; door
 And on hir kneis bair fell doun in hybare knees; haste
 Vpon Venus and Cupide angerly
125Scho cryit out, and said on this same wyse,in these very words
 Allace that euer I maid zow Sacrifice,

S 19 

 Ze gaue me anis ane deuine responsaill,once; promise/guarantee
 That I suld be the flour of luif in Troy,flower of love
 Now am I maid ane vnworthie outwailloutcast
130And all in cair translatit is my Ioy,transformed
 Quha sall me gyde? quha sall me now conuoyguide; protect
 Sen I fra Diomeid and nobill TroylusSince
 Am clene excludit, as abiect odious.completely; outcast

S 20 

 O fals Cupide is nane to wyte bot thow,blame
135And thy Mother, of lufe the blind Goddes,  (n)
 Ze causit me alwayis vnderstand and trowbelieve
 The seid of lufe was sawin in my face,seed of love; sown
 And ay grew grene throw zour supplie and gracesupport
 Bot now allace that seid with froist is slaneseed; slain
140And I fra luifferis left and all forlane.lovers abandoned; forlorn

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