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The Testament of Cresseid - Image courtesy of Abbot House
Section 1 :: Stanzas 01 - 10
Section 2 :: Stanzas 11 - 20
Section 3 :: Stanzas 21 - 38
Section 4 :: Stanzas 39 - 49
Section 5 :: Stanzas 50 - 58
Section 6 :: Stanzas 59 - 66
Section 7 :: Stanzas 66 - 76
Section 8 :: Stanzas 77 - 86
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Questions relating to stanzas 01 - 10

  1. What time of year do the events in 'The Testament' take place?

  2.  Winter

  3. The narrators’ goes into his oratur to:

  4.  discuss Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde with a friend
     listen to music

  5. Why is the decision to pray to Venus an appropriate one?

  6.  Venus is the goddess of love and the story is about family love
     Venus is the goddess of love and the narrator is sympathetic towards Cresseid
     Venus is the goddess of love and she plays an important part in the events
     Venus is the goddess of Love and the story is basically a romance

  7. The narrator tells us that:

  8.  love is for husband and wife
     love is for everyone
     love is for the old
     love is for the young

  9. To cope with the cold, the narrator stokes up the fire, warmed himself up and what other thing?

  10.  he wraps himself up
     he eats some food
     he takes a drink
     he sits near the fire

  11. The narrator cannot guarantee the authenticity of the second story anymore that he can be sure that Chaucer is telling the truth. Which words tell us this?

  12.  Quha wait
     In gudelie termis
     In quhilk
     For quhy

  Lesley Porter's notes supplied by permission of Fife Council.
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The Testament of Cresseid - Questions - Britain in Print