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An Introduction to Printing

introduction : early history of printing : printing in europe : the spread of print : printing in england : printing in scotland : later printing illustration : type faces - gothic or black letter : roman : italic : paper : paper manufacture

Detail from Spread of Print

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The Spread of Print

By 1471 printing had spread to other cities in what is now Germany (Bamberg, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Cologne, Strasburg), to Switzerland (Basel, Konstanz), Italy (Subiaco, Rome, Venice, Bologna), Spain (Seville) and France (Paris).

By 1480 it had spread to many other cities in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and France, but also to Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Krakow), the Czech Republic (Prague and Breslau), Holland (Deventer, Zwolle, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Gouda, Delft, Hasselt), Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, Leuven, Aalst), and England (London, Oxford, St Albans, and Westminster)

By 1500 printing had spread to almost every part of Europe, including Portugal, Denmark, Austria, and Sweden, and to a large number of other cities and towns in the countries that already had printing established.

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